[IPython-dev] add tab completion for arguments dynamically

Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 16:25:33 EST 2017

Hi Glenn,

You can set the `__signature__` of your object. likely possible with a
Here is a short example of how you could do it in a REPL.

In [21]: from inspect import Signature, Parameter

In [22]: def foo(*kwargs):
    ...:     pass

In [23]: foo?
Signature: foo(*kwargs)
Docstring: <no docstring>
File:      ~/dev/docathon/<ipython-input-22-086da1400d07>
Type:      function

In [24]: foo.__signature__ = Signature(parameters={Parameter('a',

In [25]: foo?
Signature: foo(a)
Docstring: <no docstring>
File:      ~/dev/docathon/<ipython-input-22-086da1400d07>
Type:      function

That should  not only work with IPython, but with anything that use
the Python inspect library.

Note that what I do above is imperfect as you should use an
OrderedDict instead of a dict for `parameters=...`

Does that helps ?


On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 12:58 PM, G Jones <glenn.caltech at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to customize the completion list when typing keyword
> arguments?
> For example suppose I have a function like:
> def myfunc(**kwargs):
>     val = kwargs['val']
> is there a way to tell ipython that when it sees me type:
> myfunc(va<tab>
> it suggests "val="?
> Thanks,
> Glenn
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