[IPython-dev] Accessing get_ipython() within an embedded shell

Wes Turner wes.turner at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 02:22:12 EDT 2018

ipdb or pytest-ipdb may have a helpful example?



These all require nose:




On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, Jacob Vanderplas <jakevdp at cs.washington.edu>

> I'm trying to create automated tests for some magic functions within a
> pytest framework. I've figured out how to do part of what I need using an
> embedded interactive shell; briefly, I do something like this:
> from IPython.terminal.embed import InteractiveShellEmbed
> ipshell = InteractiveShellEmbed()
> out = ipshell.run_cell("%my_magic_command")
> assert out.result == expected_result
> The problem I encounter is that my magic function optionally uses IPython
> .get_ipython().user_ns to access variables in the user namespace, and
> IPython.get_ipython() returns None when run within an embedded shell in
> this way.
> Is there a way to create a simple embedded shell like this one that will
> behave as if it is an actual IPython shell, with IPython.get_ipython() def
> ined?
> Thanks,
>   Jake
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