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Ignore that zip file -  it contains a Word document with a virus. You
probably all guessed that, but we all have stupid moments, so I thought I'd
make it clear.


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> Good Morning,
> Please see the attached document.
> zip pass 777
> Thanks
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> Currently on windows the ipython.exe and ipython3.exe do not have a
> special icon, they have the python launcher icon, which is itself very
> close to the IDLE icon.
> Beginners like to have shortcuts in the Windows bar and are confused if
> different programs have the same icon.
> I imagine a simple icon of a console (like cmd) with a python icon on it.
> One could also use the IPython logo but this one is lacking the python
> snake. I imagine it to be like the python logo but with a small difference,
> to be like "INTERACTIVE python", or "ENHANCED python terminal".
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