[IronPython] Threading/Delegates

Dan Lash danlash at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 21:15:28 CEST 2004

I've just been playing around with IronPython and some of the .NET
framework the past few days, and I tried porting over an example off
of the MSDN library about threading.

The first thing I noticed is that I can't seem to get any class
declarations going. Even this doesn't work:

class Test:
   def Hello():
       print "Hello"

IronPython gives:

System.Reflection.TargetException: Non-static field requires a target.
  at System.Reflection.RuntimeFieldInfo.InternalGetValue(Object obj, Boolean re
  at System.Reflection.RuntimeFieldInfo.GetValue(Object obj)
  at IronPython.Objects.module.__getattribute__(String name)
  at IronPython.Objects.ModuleDictionary.get_Item(Object key)
  at IronPython.Objects.Frame.GetGlobal(String name)
  at input_0.Run(Frame frame)
  at IronPythonConsole.IronPython.DoInteractive()

But I guess that may be another issue, what I wanted to get going was
the following:

from System import *
from System.Threading import *

def ThreadProc():
   for i in range(10):
       Console.WriteLine("ThreadProc: {0}", i)

def Main():
   Console.WriteLine("Main thread: Start a second thread.")
   t = Thread(ThreadStart(ThreadProc))
   for i in range(4):
       Console.WriteLine("Main thread: Do some work.")
   Console.WriteLine("Main thread: Call Join(), to wait until ThreadProc ends.")
   Console.WriteLine("Main thread: ThreadProc.Join has returned. 
Press Enter to end program.")

Which is a port (minus the class) out of:

Upon further inspection, it doesn't seem that ThreadStart works on any level:

System.Exception: bad args to this method <constructor# for
  at IronPython.Objects.ReflectedMethodBase.Call(Object[] args)
  at IronPython.Objects.ReflectedType.Call(Object[] args)
  at IronPython.Objects.Ops.Call(Object func, Object arg0)
  at input_3.Main$f1()
  at IronPython.Objects.Function0.Call()
  at IronPython.Objects.Ops.Call(Object func)
  at input_5.Run(Frame frame)
  at IronPythonConsole.IronPython.DoInteractive()

Am I missing something here, is my Python syntax wrong? Or is
IronPython just not ready for ThreadStart delegates?

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