[IronPython] Method Arguments

Jim Hugunin jim at ironpython.com
Fri Aug 13 06:30:15 CEST 2004

Dan Lash wrote:
> Is there a good way to get the constructor and/or method arguments in
> IronPython? I've been trying to do some simple 3D (DirectX9) examples,
> and some of the constructors/methods are throwing exceptions.

This can be really annoying.  Unfortunately, there's no way to get this
extra information in IronPython-0.6.  I've been running into this problem
myself as I play more with IronPython personally.

Sorry I don't have a better answer, but I thought that you might want to
know the current state of the art.  If you're interested in looking at the
source you should see ReflectedMembers.cs for the relevant code.


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