[IronPython] IL Rewriting @ Runtime

Douglas Stockwell d.stockwell at qut.edu.au
Thu Dec 9 02:14:22 CET 2004

John Lam also uses the Profiler API to mutate IL in his Runtime Aspect
Weaver. See here: http://www.iunknown.com/000267.html

Unfortunately while these techniques are interesting experiments, in their
current incarnation (unmanaged, and external to the CLR) they are not
particularly useful to language implementers.

>From the article:

"...but note that its not suited for deployment in a production environment.
The reason is that it's based on the Profiling API, which after being
registered circumvents the CLR security infrastructure..."

Remembering that taking advantage of the benefits of managed execution is
one of the biggest reasons for porting a language to a VM like the CLR.

Not to mention the potential performance implications.

- Doug

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I forgot about this article...
It describes a technique to rewrite IL at runtime.
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