[IronPython] IronPython like Jython

Krzysztof Wilkosz krzysztof_wilkosz at poczta.fm
Thu Dec 16 01:25:55 CET 2004

J. Merrill wrote:
> What is the timeframe for your product?  At this point, IronPython is not "ready for prime time" -- the official status of the project is [quote] Not finished - IronPython is currently at a pre-alpha stage suitable for experimentation but not for serious development work. [end quote].  It's my impression that the next release could be quite a bit more complete, but there have been no updates to the information on the ironpython.com site since July 28.  (Maybe I should look at Jim H's blog before saying that.)
I was primarily intending to use IronPython because I am writing article 
  shortly about "How to use Python in .NET Enviroment" targeting usage 
.NET from Python AND  Python from .NET apps (at least C#). For me the 
most important is the second. It needs not to be a production
implementation. I need only a few hits because reading all the code of 
IronPython is not an acceptable solution for me.
My timeframe is ~week.


>>How can I use IronPython as a script language parser for my .NET app (something like: "Python .NET for Applications" - as it is possible with Jython)?
>>I reviewed the code of IronPython 0.6 but I still don`t know:
>>1. How to prepare C# "API methods" of my app for usage from script?
>>2. How to invoke such a script in IronPython interpreter?
>>thanks in advance

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