[IronPython] Re: MSH vs IronPython

Rodrigo Senra rodsenra at gpr.com.br
Fri Oct 1 14:37:57 CEST 2004

 On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 07:21:35 -1000
 "Larry O'Brien" <lobrien at knowing.net> wrote
 about RE: [IronPython] Re: MSH vs IronPython:
 | >>What capabilities does MSH have that couldn't be added to Python (or some 
 | >>other extensible scriptable language) by building an appropriate library?
 | I agree that there are aspects of the MSH syntax that seem gratuitously
 | contrarian

 | But I think it would be a mistake to assume that a Python interactive prompt
 | would _necessarily_ be more productive

 Well, for me ipython *is* more productive (http://ipython.scipy.org/)
 If you haven't tried it yet, you ought to.

 | and easier to understand by the majority of users.

 That is something very hard to define: the majority of users.
 But, I doubt that those in need for a scripting shell would
 feel greater difficulty with a python-based one than with MSH.
 | In the best of all possible worlds, I would love to have
 | a .profile that essentially provided a Python console as _my_ interactive
 | prompt but which would still support push-location pop-location. And Joe
 | Administrator can have a "pure" MSH shell and Jane Unix could have a
 | bash-like shell. 

 I do sympathize wuth this view. However, it raises the issue of script
 portability. That was one of the reasons I started to use Python for
 admins scripts whenever possible.

 best regards,
 Rod Senra

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