[IronPython] Dynamic Language Position on the CLR team at Microsoft

Jim Hugunin jim at ironpython.com
Fri Oct 8 01:34:22 CEST 2004

You may have noticed that I've been really bad about participating in this
mailing list and making new releases of IronPython since I joined Microsoft
two months ago.  A big part of my problem has been that there are a TON of
interesting things going on around this company that touch on the dynamic
language space.  All of these distractions have left me without the time to
spend working directly with this important community.

The good news is that I now get to hire another member to join the CLR team
working full-time on dynamic languages.  Having another person working on
this project should give us enough time to really make an impact on this
exciting space -- and not incidentally will give both of us the time to
participate in the fun technical discussions that should be happening on
this list.

Make the Common Language Runtime (CLR) an outstanding platform for dynamic
languages and environments. You will be a key developer working on the CLR
managed services team. Your first task will be to help finish the
implementation of Python for the CLR (see http://ironpython.com/) so that we
can show other developers how a high-performance production-quality dynamic
language is implemented for this platform. Future work will likely involve
addressing difficult implementation challenges for other dynamic languages
and environments. A central part of this job will be working with the
developer community. You will work both with developers who are trying to
use dynamic languages on the CLR and those who are trying to develop dynamic
languages for this platform. You will also work to identify and implement
improvements to the CLR to enable us to provide the best possible experience
for dynamic languages in the future.

We're looking for a talented developer with exceptional programming ability
and great communication skills. It's a plus if you have expertise in
compiler implementation, reflection, VM implementation and/or dynamic
languages. Applicants should have at least 4 years experience in software
development and a BS/MS in computer science or related field. 



If you're interested in this position, I'd encourage you to both apply
through the official channels and to send me your resume directly (jimhug at
you know what company.com).

Thanks - Jim

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