[IronPython] Re: IronPython + wxPython

Jeff Griffiths jeffg at ActiveState.com
Wed Sep 1 23:39:44 CEST 2004

Doug Holton wrote:

> wx.NET is still in early development anyway, so it might be best to 
> stick with the more full-featured GTK or Windows.Forms for now.

hrm, I think the original poster's intent may have been something more
along the lines of:

"will my existing wxPy apps run and build in IronPython?"

...and it seems the answer is currently no. It begs the question as to
whether it will be possible to use existing code of various types in
IronPython as we go. I don't expect this will be true for anything
useing Tkinter unless through some sort of unmanaged proxy?


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