[IronPython] Lightweight Code Generation?

Lloyd Dupont ld at galador.net
Fri Sep 17 02:25:46 CEST 2004

Sorry Luke but I do disagree.
When I disagree I speak about IronPython 0.6 available on here:

with the following link:

DynamicMethod is a 2.0 feature, therefore it wouldn't work with 1.1, wether 
mono or Microsft version!

Just to be sure (maybe there is some #if V2? section?) I open the project 
and make a solution wide search for 'DynamicMethod': it's not there!

It's what I mean by it's not there!

On the other hand I might agree you on the likely fact Jim Hugunin probably 
have a version on his computer using them. But I was speaking of the 
publicly available version here !

Best regards,

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> Wrong,
> he asked about if mono supported DynamicMethod, which it does if you
> have built the "2.0 preview" bits.  Perhaps you would have to build
> IronPython  from source yourself to work with 2.0, but I dont see why
> it wouldn't work.
> On Fri, 17 Sep 2004 09:09:28 +1000, Lloyd Dupont <ld at galador.net> wrote:
>> if I'm not mistaken this feature need .NET 2.0 whereas the 0.6 version
>> downloadable on the web site runs on 1.1. therefore your assesment is 
>> fataly
>> incorrect.

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