[IronPython] running compiled code

Jeremy Jones zanesdad at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 24 14:23:22 CEST 2004

Is there a way to run compiled code (e.g. the __main__.exe that was 
generated by the IronPythonConsole) without having to be in the 
IronPython\bin directory?  I'm running IronPython 0.6 and Mono 1.0 on 
Windows XP.  I've successfully run IronPython by itself and under Mono.  
I've successfully run IronPythonConsole on a simple Python script and 
generated the __main__.exe and a .dll file.  I've even successfully run 
the generated __main__.exe - but only while I'm in the IronPython\bin 
directory.  I guess it's referencing some libraries that are in that 
directory.  Is there a way that I can copy the IronPython libraries into 
the Mono directory and have Mono aware of IronPython?  Or is there some 
environment variable that I can set to make Mono aware of IronPython?

Jeremy Jones

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