[IronPython] sys.stdin

Процышин Дмитрий foxpdll at comch.ru
Wed Sep 29 16:14:33 CEST 2004

has that

import sys
print "foxpdll was here1"
sys.stdout.write("FoxPDLL was here2\n")
print sys.stdin.readline()

in Python23 worked
but under ironpythonconsole error rised

Unhandled Exception: IronPython.Objects.PythonAttributeError: type object 'IronPython.Modules.sys' has no attribute 'stdin'
   at IronPython.Objects.Ops.GetAttr(Object o, String name)
   at __main__.init() in E:\prog\IronPython-0.6\test.py:line 4
   at IronPythonConsole.IronPython.DoFile(String[] args)
   at IronPythonConsole.IronPython.Main(String[] args)

in ironpython.dll hasnt find stdin at all

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