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Randall Burns randall_burns at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 29 16:27:53 CEST 2004

--- users-ironpython.com-request at lists.ironpython.com
>MSH isn't really intended to be a script based
>application development environment for developing
>object oriented applications - it really is
>an administrative scripting tool that provides the
>glue that connects discoverable, user-defined
(binary) >commands - that communicate with
>each other through a structured object based
pipeline.  >See
Well at the very least, allowing Iron Python
Applications to be compatible with that pipeline would
seem like a good idea.

>IronPython addresses a different market 
>..... in order to create
>somewhat more traditional executables and libraries.
Well, Perl has had libraries that give Perl the
equivalent functionality of the Unix Shell.

I've never regretted it when I chose perl or python
over the shell when writing a script over a few
lines. The main thing that is a key though: once you 
learn a shell, sometimes you know how to do something
in it _very_ tersely-so having equivalent commands in
libraries in a "real" language can be quite handy-if
only as a memory device.

>I'm blown away by MSH's object pipeline, composable
>architecture and
>simple mechanism for command discovery - but dismayed
>by its $#*! syntax.
It seems like the first is something Iron python can
borrow-possibly parts of the second and the third
something iron python can fix.

This may be a way to do an end run around msh.

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