[IronPython] VS 2005/#Develop/MonoDevelop plugins

Burning KarmaSlave at MyRealBox.com
Sat Apr 2 03:08:21 CEST 2005

Writing the IDE plug-in for Visual Studio or SharpDevelop might be more 
beneficial to IronPython if the plugin is written in IronPython (!). The 
Boo plug-in for SharpDevelop exposed a few bugs in Boo that nobody had 
really noticed before, which was convient, to say the least.

Not that I'm volunteering.

Cartwright, Iain wrote:

>For dev's coming from a Windows/.NET environment IDE plug-ins are in my
>opinion a real drawcard. It would really aid the progress and adoption of
>IronPython if these are made available as soon as possible.
>I am guessing that this is beyond the scope of Jim and Martin's tasks.
>Perhaps this would make a good ironpy community project?
>VS 2005
>I have looked briefly at the MS VSIP SDK
>(http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/extend/) - It appears to be a lot of work
>to get full language support + integrated help + ironpy window.
>The Boo folks have working code that might be useful as a basis for a
>#develop plug-in.
>Appears to use the same/similar plug-in format to #Develop.
>It would of course be best to have MS do the VS 2005 plug-in and release it
>as (shared source) example code for the VSIP program maybe?
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