[IronPython] CPython's test_builtin results summary

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue Apr 5 00:28:59 CEST 2005

Hi Michael,

Thank you for taking the time and running the test suite. It is not
surprising that there are so many failures since much of the development
effort went into getting basic functionality and interoperability with
.Net framework and there are many cases (some are common, some less)
that IronPython does not handle well as of now.

Before we release IronPython 1.0 we need to be running the Python
regression tests with very good success rates. As I said in the earlier
email, we are working on getting broad-scale regression tests to pass
and each new release will get us much closer to that goal. There is
undisputable value in getting the entire test suite to pass, however we
do not require the community to duplicate the efforts that we have
already under way.

At this early stage there are still many useful programs that people can
build with IronPython 0.7. These are newly written programs using .NET
libraries rather than existing Python programs. Right now we're most
interested in capturing the problems from these early users both to
understand issues with .NET integration and to fix blocking issues as
quickly as possible so they can get on with writing code. This is a new
set of issues where we need to build experience and can't rely on the
existing test suites to cover us as we push towards 1.0.

Thanks and keep in touch,
The IronPython Team

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> Subject: [IronPython] CPython's test_builtin results summary
> First cut result at a hacked version of cpython's test_builtin.  Some
> changes
> required to this and unittest to import successfully.
> Below you will find results summary.  Results detail, then the test
> itself will follow in subsequent posts
> G:\CABS\Python\FePy\IronPython-0.7.1\bin>IronPythonConsole
> IronPython 0.7.1 on .NET 2.0.40607.42
> Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
>  >>> import test_builtincpython1 as T
>  >>> res = T.fepytest()
> test_abs Failed
> test_apply Failed
> test_callable Failed
> test_chr Failed
> test_cmp Failed
> test_coerce Failed
> test_compile Failed
> test_delattr Failed
> test_dir Failed
> test_divmod Failed
> test_eval Failed
> test_execfile Failed
> test_filter Failed
> test_filter_subclasses Failed
> test_float Succeeded
> test_general_eval Failed
> test_getattr Failed
> test_hasattr Failed
> test_hash Failed
> test_hex Failed
> test_id Succeeded
> test_import Failed
> test_input_and_raw_input Failed
> test_int Failed
> test_intern Failed
> test_isinstance Failed
> test_issubclass Failed
> test_iter Failed
> test_len Succeeded
> test_list Failed
> test_long Failed
> test_map Failed
> test_max Failed
> test_min Failed
> test_oct Failed
> test_open Failed
> test_ord Failed
> test_pow Failed
> test_range Failed
> test_reduce Failed
> test_reload Failed
> test_repr Failed
> test_round Succeeded
> test_setattr Failed
> test_str Failed
> test_sum Failed
> test_tuple Succeeded
> test_type Succeeded
> test_unichr Succeeded
> test_vars Failed
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