[IronPython] Tests, and plans

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Tue Apr 5 00:39:10 CEST 2005

Well, since these tests will be viewed by many to be the standard, do
the tests planned include a superset of these, at least?

I was making a haphazard estimate of the timing for 1.0, figuring a
two-week cycle, going no further than 0.0.x, would give up to 60 weeks
for 1.0 release.  I'm guessing y'all are planning for much sooner than

Are plans for IDE integration on the list somewhere?

Keith J. Farmer
kfarmer at thuban.org

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that goal. There is undisputable value in getting the entire test suite
to pass, however we do not require the community to duplicate the
efforts that we have already under way.

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