[IronPython] Re: CPython's test_builtin results summary

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue Apr 5 01:26:01 CEST 2005

Hi Michael,

I did not perceive your original email as critical or emphasizing
failures and I am really glad that you took the effort to run the tests.
I also realize that the original request for bug reports was not very
clear and that is why I used this opportunity to clarify that we are
working on running the whole test suite and we expect to find lot of
problems along the way.

I can see your emails just came through... Since you have spent the time
and modified the tests so that they can readily run on IronPython,
filing the actual bugs is not necessary because we can simply run your
modified test and fix whatever the test indicates failure on. It will
save you the time needed to file the bugs and it will save us the time
having to deal with the bugs one by one rather than just run long repro
and proceed as tests fail.

> Michael Spencer Wrote:
> Hi Martin
> My point was not to emphasize the test failures but rather to share
> techniques required to get the tests to run, which I thought might be
> interest to other users.  Unfortunately, my two additional posts which
> contain
> the detail results and the code are being held by the mailserver
> moderator approval to exceed 40K.  Especially in the absence of these
> posts, it
> may appear that I am being critical, which is not the case at all.
> You have requested bug reports from the community, without spcifying
> sort
> of bugs you want to focus on.  For reasons of my own, I have chosen to
> focus
> systematically on built-ins, and have shared my approach and findings,
> case
> they are of any use/interest to others.  In particular, there are
> 30-50
> specific bug reports that can be extracted from these tests.  Do you
> me to
> file them?
> Cheers
> Michael

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