[IronPython] IronPython + Npgsql

Jim Hugunin jimhug at microsoft.com
Wed Apr 6 19:43:35 CEST 2005

Hector Miuler Malpica Gallegos wrote:
> thanks, just the problem in indexing, in C# Resultado[1], in python I
> have not been able,  solution:
> Resultado.GetValue(1)

This should work as easily in IronPython as in C#.  In general, if
things are more awkward in IronPython than in C# you should first assume
that it's a bug in IronPython and let us know.  Solutions like
Resultado.GetValue are useful workarounds and good to share with users
but not our end goal.

I know that IronPython 0.6 didn't handle index overloading correctly;
however, we fixed most of these cases in 0.7 and later.  Are you using
IronPython 0.7 or later?

If you are using 0.7, then could you add this test to your sample code
to see what Properties are on your Resultado object?

from System import Type
resultadoType = type(Resultado) #Could also import this type directly
for p in Type.GetProperties(resultadoType):
    print p

This will print all of the CLR properties on your Resultado object.  I'd
be very interested in the results of this to see if there's a hole in
our indexing code.

Thanks - Jim

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