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Hector Miuler Malpica Gallegos miuler at gmail.com
Wed Apr 6 23:29:58 CEST 2005

Functions in IronPython 0.6?  

I will have to wait for that IronPython0.7 function with monkey

>>> for p in Type.GetProperties(type("string")):
...  print p
System.Exception: bad args to this method <method# GetProperties on
in <0x0019c> IronPython.Objects.ReflectedMethodBase:Call (object[])
in <0x001ef> IronPython.Objects.Ops:Call (object,object)
in <0x0009b> input_25:Run (IronPython.Objects.Frame)
in <0x001c5> IronPythonConsole.IronPython:DoInteractive ()

On mié, 2005-04-06 at 10:43 -0700, Jim Hugunin wrote:

> Hector Miuler Malpica Gallegos wrote:
> > thanks, just the problem in indexing, in C# Resultado[1], in python I
> > have not been able,  solution:
> > Resultado.GetValue(1)
> This should work as easily in IronPython as in C#.  In general, if
> things are more awkward in IronPython than in C# you should first assume
> that it's a bug in IronPython and let us know.  Solutions like
> Resultado.GetValue are useful workarounds and good to share with users
> but not our end goal.
> I know that IronPython 0.6 didn't handle index overloading correctly;
> however, we fixed most of these cases in 0.7 and later.  Are you using
> IronPython 0.7 or later?
> If you are using 0.7, then could you add this test to your sample code
> to see what Properties are on your Resultado object?
> from System import Type
> resultadoType = type(Resultado) #Could also import this type directly
> for p in Type.GetProperties(resultadoType):
>     print p
> This will print all of the CLR properties on your Resultado object.  I'd
> be very interested in the results of this to see if there's a hole in
> our indexing code.
> Thanks - Jim
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