[IronPython] Re: IronPython License

reginald at rare-it.com reginald at rare-it.com
Wed Apr 13 14:15:27 CEST 2005

>> 12. And more... but I hope you got my (really people's) point. Don't
>> even think that you and your lawyers can outsmart entire mankind.
> now that's one constructive approach.
> sorry, "a p", but you and your mail strikes me as incredibly immature and
> totally
> unprofessional.  what company did you work for, again?

Personally, I don't even think he has reached the working age yet. Style
of writing and contents remind me of somebody still in college. Feel free
to correct me, "a p".

A software vendor (or supplier, in case it's free) states in the license
agreement under what conditions you can use the software. If you don't
agree to that, don't use it. To me, IronPython is a proof-of-concept with
a lot of potential. I'm not too happy with the new license either, but
when I think about it, that's more because of the "feel" the license gives
me, than because of the "real issues" I can't live with. I guess we're all
a bit too suspicious when it comes to Microsoft giving us "free software".

Just my 2 cents...


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