[IronPython] To Compile or Not to compile, that's the question

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Sat Apr 16 10:41:59 CEST 2005


I don't think we are naming a compiler, but naming an interpreter. 

I am a long time Python (CPython) and Jython user and during
development. I never use an Ide other then Xemacs and in the shell
window I use the interpreter as a matter of productivity.

So, given this background information, I am sure that you can see that
you are talking about 'Apples' and I am talking about 'Oranges'. Since
your usage pattern is an IDE and a Makefile, then your alias solution
is fine, but since I will consistantly be firing up a shell window and
typing the name of the interpreter, I want 'python.net' since I am
used to typing 'python' and 'jython'.



On 4/15/05, Keith J. Farmer <kfarmer at thuban.org> wrote:
> People have been objecting to "IronPythonConsole" this whole time.  If it were a matter of "just make an alias", then this discussion was moot from the beginning.  For that matter, it was moot from before CSharpCompiler, CCompiler, or GnuCCompiler were created.
> So I don't think that it's as simple for those who originally raised their objections.  I think the aim is for consistency, so we don't have to set aliases to use someone else's makefile.
> (Personally, I never objected to IronPythonConsole -- but if there's a movement to change it, I still say change it to be in line with the other existing naming patterns.)
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> On Fri, Apr 15, 2005 at 10:02:03AM -0700, Keith J. Farmer wrote:
> > For a compiler, 4 characters is about my limit.  After all, it's all
> > about my code -- not the tool that is used to transform it into
> > something else.
> You type the name of the compiler by hand a lot?  Wouldn't it be invoked
> from a Makefile or IDE 90% of the time?
> Besides, if you really object to a name longer than 4 characters, you
> can always make an alias, but if there's a name class, it's harder to
> alias from an ambiguous name to a non-ambiguous one.  So it's better to
> err on the side of non-ambiguity.
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