[IronPython] IronPython 0.7.3 Released

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue Apr 26 22:32:23 CEST 2005

Hello IronPython community,

Today we have released IronPython 0.7.3.

The main changes over the 0.7.2 release are:
* Operator overloading. Following code now works in IronPython:
	x = Mapack.Matrix.Random(2,3)
	y = Mapack.Matrix.Random(3,5)
	x * y
* Empty constructors for value types:
	x = Point()
	x += Size(1,1)
* Numerous bug fixes

Our thanks go to the members of the community who reported bugs
and provided valuable feedback (*):

Nicholas Jacobson
Anthony Tarlano
John A. Tenney
Keith J. Farmer
Richard Monson-Haefel

List of bugs fixed for the 0.7.3 release:
* __import__ not implemented and not hooked up into import statement
* Cannot import random.py
* Cannot import string.py
* Can't split string with multiple separators
* 2.5 rounds down to 2, etc
* string's count method throws an exception
* The built-in string method split doesn't take a second parameter.
* The builtin string method 'startswith' refuses to take 2 or 3
* dictionary method 'get' broken with only 1 arg
* The dictionary method 'setdefault' refuses to take only one argument.
* The list method 'pop' refuses to take one argument.
* Can't read file via enumerator
* Octal numbers can contain 8s and 9s
* import accepts any string
* in-place add not implemented for lists
* File I/O can't be set to unbuffered (bufsize=0)
* Bit shift overflow does not convert to long
* Can't take the bitwise not of a long.
* dir doesn't work on an instantiated class
* del doesn't work on an instantiated class
* Point, Size missing empty constructors
* Point, Size missing overloads for +, -, +=, -=
* "*" operator overloading for Matrix does not kick in
* in-place assignments not supported by Complex
* Generators in nested functions throw code-gen time error.
* List.reverse() corrupts data
* Generate indexing by the tuple safely
* compile doesn't handle the 3rd argument correctly
* Method call to super class virtual method causes infinite recursion

Thank you and keep in touch
The IronPython Team


(*) I misplaced the original email in which the "List.reverse() corrupts
    bug was reported so I apologize if the list of people who helped to
    this release happen is incomplete. Feel free to send me an email and
remind me.

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