[IronPython] Saving sys.path

Brian Dorsey briandorsey at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 22:23:25 CEST 2005

On 27/04/05, Keith J. Farmer <kfarmer at thuban.org> wrote:
> I've switched to using a normal user account on my machine, and discovered I couldn't change the global IRONPYTHON_HOME variable I'd created (my path includes %IRONPYTHON_HOME% as a convenience thing)?  So I switched to admin, changed it there, and switched back to my user. 

Windows 2000/XP allow you to set both user and system level
environment variables. For my PYTHONPATH environment setting, I use a
user level environment variable and this seems to work fine when I
need it. Maybe the same would work for you? (you may have to delete
the system level variable first.

>In the case of configuring the interpreter, one need not copy the way
CPython does it, if it can be argued that IronPython could do it
better, by configuring the application rather than the shell.  It'd
allow configuration specific to even a version, if needed, and a
richer configuration at that.  I'd at least like to see that as an

CPython also allows some other options, such as using .pth files in
your site-packages folder. This allows configuration of the
application rather than the shell.

>From my perspective as a regular CPython user on windows, .pth files
have generally worked well for me, and I use them instead of
environment variables for the most part.

Take care,

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