[IronPython] Not GotDotNet...

Jim Hugunin jimhug at exchange.microsoft.com
Thu Apr 28 18:07:06 CEST 2005

Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:
> In my expererince, one out of three times I visit GotDotNet the site
> down.
> I've been rying to submit a bug since yesterday, but this is what I
> "Operational Troubleshooting in Progress
> The Gotdotnet team is aware of the current site operational issues and
> working on a solution. Thanks for your patience."
> I also noted that when it's up, it is slow and buggy.
> I'd like to ask to the Ironpython team to seriously consider another
> alternative...
> The problems with this site are very annoying to those who visit it
> regularly.

We are looking into alternatives to GotDotNet (GDN); however, this is
not going to be a fast process.  I don't think that you can expect
improvements to the IronPython GDN site for at least several months.
Given the feedback we've had regarding GDN, we've made sure that you can
actively participate in the IronPython community without needing to ever
use that site.

Community discussion - All discussions are happening on this mailing
list.  I just turned off the virtually unused GDN forum that no one
liked.  We're also more actively handling moderation requests on this
mailing list to make sure messages don't get stuck in the mailman spam

Download site - You can always download the latest release from
downloads.microsoft.com without going through GDN.  This download site
is one of the more reliable and better supported download sites you'll
find for any project of this type.  The announcement email sent to this
list always includes a direct link to that download site.

Bug reporting - The GDN bug tracker is still the best option that we
have for a publicly searchable and editable bug database.  However, we
also made available the address ironpy at microsoft.com to handle bug
reports.  You can either send your bug reports to that alias or send
them directly to this list if you think they'd be interesting to a wider
audience.  We have a separate bug tracking tool that we use internally
to make sure we don't lose track of bugs that you submit this way.  We
know that this isn't ideal and want to get a publicly searchable and
editable bug database in place; however, don't let GDN stop you from
submitting your bugs.

Source code - We currently ship source code with every release and new
drops are out every 1-2 weeks.  We also know that this isn't ideal and
that many people would prefer a live cvs or svn repository.

Thanks - Jim

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