[IronPython] IronPython 0.9 released

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
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As for the static compilation, it is another 'maybe' for 1.0 and we are not decided one way or another (it is another topic you can provide feedback on and let us know how important it is to you).

For the 0.9 I actually went somewhat further with the static compilation story and made the whole test suite to run from the compiled exes. Surely, it is not the answer to the 'static compilation' problem, but in the least somewhat more complicated scripts (i.e. those that used import) can run in some cases. So the story is slowly getting better already, but it still has a long way to go to be perfect and we are trying to determine the importance for our users to help use choose whether to try and implement it for 1.0 or later.


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I'm not sure where you got the idea that IronPython 1.0 only works with .NET 1.1?
I can compile the IronPython solution using the VS 2005 Beta 2 release (and have, several times tonight).  For what it's worth, IronPython needs the 2.0 runtime, since it uses 2.0 code generation, and supports 2.0 generics.
As far as ASP.NET compiling pages written in IronPython, my memory is that ASP.NET would need to be modified to recognize a new language.  At least, that's the case in 1.1; it's possible that 2.0 is more extensible in this regard (wish list if not).
Speculation:  you should be able to subclass Pages in IronPython, and then modify the aspx page to inherit from your IronPython class.  Of course, we'd need to have compilation running (is that on the list for 1.0?).
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So basically what's the story for the .NET 2 runtime support? Will you
make it possible to integrate IronPy in VS .NET 2005 final release and
use the .NET 2 runtime to develop ASP .NET apps?

If I remember correctly IronPy 1.0 will only be compatible with the
1.1 runtime. Will it support something like partial classes à la C# so
that the code-behind file doesn't get polluted with the IDE generated
code? I wouldn't really care about other .NET 2 features if I could
have that so I would happily use .NET 1.1 to develop aspx.

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