[IronPython] How to use IronPython to generate DLLs consumable byother .NET modules?

Michael Gogins gogins at pipeline.com
Sat Aug 13 23:26:09 CEST 2005

IronPython implements Python in C#, and can call .NET  but not C.
PythonNet implements Python in C, and can call both .NET and C.

IronPython is probably the closest to what you want, since Python classes should also be .NET classes.


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  Claims are that Iron Python can be statically compiled, promising higher performance. I'm interested in writing parts of my system, implemented mostly in C# for .NET under Win32 environment, in Python, mostly for fun, potentially also to save time if it proves to be useful. Dynamic compilation is not an option, I want to be able to call Python from C#, not the other way round, and without the overheads of invoking the Python engine on my way there. Is there indeed a way to achieve this? I don't see any clues on the web. Python does not seem to consume any sort of command line switches and does not offer help docs. Thanks a lot for all your responses.



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