[IronPython] RE: Iron Python Library Usage

Ray Djajadinata rayfd_2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 16 05:21:38 CEST 2005

Hi Martin,

Thanks! It's great to hear you're planning to support
both. I'm planning to jot down my experience with Iron
Python and put it up in my site, but to make this more
useful for .NET developers, I want to focus on "you
have a concept. you express it this way in C#. now,
here's how you express it in Python" 

It was at that point that I started asking myself this
question (i.e.: whether to take approach a or b). I
guess for the moment I'll just focus on doing stuff
with .NET library using Python then, and probably
update the articles later when 1.0 has come out. I'm
really looking forward to this release!


> > From: Martin Maly
<martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com>
> To: "Discussion of IronPython"
> <users-ironpython.com at lists.ironpython.com>
> Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:53:35 -0700
> Subject: RE: [IronPython] Iron Python Library Usage
> Hi Ray,
> Thanks for your compliments, we are happy that you
> find IronPython
> useful.
> You are right, there are many built-in modules
> missing or incomplete in
> IronPython 0.9.
> Our focus for 0.9 was interoperability with .Net and
> between 0.9 and 1.0
> we are going to invest a lot into making CPython and
> IronPython
> compatible in terms of using the same libraries,
> making sure that
> CPython regression test suite runs well on
> IronPython, that programs
> written in Python language that run well on CPython
> run also on
> IronPython.
> Out of your two "a" and "b" scenarios, we are
> planning on providing both
> and I hope we succeed. You bring up a good point
> with strings. If I am a
> .Net programmer and want to use string, I may want
> to see the .Net
> methods on the string object, i.e:
> "hi".ToUpper()
> whereas a Python programmer coming to IronPython
> could very well prefer
> to see the standard Python way:
> "hi".upper()
> It is not obvious how to approach this, but
> definitely our goal is to
> make sure that we stay true to the Python lanugage
> and its libraries and
> as I said, it is our focus from now on to make
> progress on the libraries
> and built-in modules etc.
> I hope this answers your question,
> Martin

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