[IronPython] RE: Numpy port

Morgan Martinet ironpython at mmm-experts.com
Wed Aug 31 15:56:42 CEST 2005

> I wouldn't call the FORTRAN "legacy code". People are still using BLAS 
> and such because the FORTRAN code performs better. These routines have 
> been rewritten many times in C, C++, and Java and people still use the 
> FORTRAN simply because it does a better job. Numerical solutions are 
> what FORTRAN was originally designed for.
> In other words, better to find some way to wrap BLAS for IronPython or 
> CLR rather than rewrite the routines yet again.

I think there are 2 possibilities:
- map the fortran DLL using interop, but this will add a cost for each API
- use the fact that .Net was primarily designed for cross languages and try
to use an existing Fortran for .Net compiler. I googled a little and found

The problem is that they're not free and I don't know if we can distribute
their runtime assemblies as part of IronPython...


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