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Wed Aug 31 18:32:58 CEST 2005

just incidentally:

On 8/27/05, Thane <thane at magna-capital.com> wrote:

> [...]
> I think that "numpy" is the import name for the "Numerical" library
> originally created by Paul Dubois.

it's worth noting that it was our jim hugunin who originated numerical
python.  from http://www.pfdubois.com/numpy/html2/numpy-2.html -

     -=-  -=-  -=-

Numerical Python is the outgrowth of a long collaborative design
process carried out by the Matrix SIG of the Python Software Activity
(PSA). Jim Hugunin, while a graduate student at MIT, wrote most of the
code and initial documentation. When Jim joined CNRI and began working
on JPython, he didn't have the time to maintain Numerical Python so
Paul Dubois at LLNL agreed to become the maintainer of Numerical
Python. David Ascher, working as a consultant to LLNL, wrote most of
this document, incorporating contributions from Konrad Hinsen and
Travis Oliphant, both of whom are major contributors to Numerical

Since the source was moved to SourceForge, the Numeric user community
has become a significant part of the process. Numerical Python
illustrates the power of the open source software concept.

     -=-  -=-  -=-

jim's made real some of the most important practical python inroads -
numpy, jpython/jython, and now IronPython (i like "FePy", btw:).

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