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J. de Hooge info at geatec.com
Fri Dec 2 21:15:06 CET 2005



I have a question about debugging IP code.

One of the nice and handy things about Python in general is that I can use a
very simple and straigth way of debugging in many cases.

When I run a script that is not bugfree, Cpython often tells me quite
effectively what is wrong and where.

Some well placed print statements will often do to find the cause of

What really helps here is the fact that there's no compilation and linking


IP's error reports were somewhat less clear and complete upto version 0.93,
but I could live with them.

But ever since I've been using version 0.95, I often find myself completely
in the dark when an error occurs.

Often the interpreter tells me vaguely what's wrong, but doesn't even bother
to add a hint as to where in the code the problem arises.


Why this change? Probably I've missed something, maybe an option to
IPConsole or something like that. Currently I find it quite timeconsuming to
debug code this way.


Of course I can use a debugger (which will often take me right into the C#
implementation code of IP, but I understand from other postings that  I can
avoid that by compiling IPConsole etc. without debugging info.) But as said:
the very simple and straigth way of debugging using the interpreters
exception messages, with just an indication of the problematic line of code,
a stack trace and some well placed print statements has been very productive
for me. Just starting up the debugger often takes much more time that find
an error by means of exception messages used to.


Are there any plans to enhance interpreter error reports? Why have they
become less complete than in previous versions, e.g. often lacking even line
numbers. Or have I indeed missed some configuration possibilities? If so,
what are they?




Jacques de Hooge

info at geatec.com


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