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J. de Hooge info at geatec.com
Mon Dec 5 12:41:03 CET 2005



Thanks for your reaction. 

My problems with error reports seem to go beyond what you mention.

A brief example of what I mean is below:


lotsOfCodeAndImports_dummy =


needleInAHaystack = 3

print needleInAHaystack []


evenMoreCode_dummy = 'evenMoreInterestingCodeThatMayStillContainBugs'



CPython tells me:


  File "C:\activ_dell\prog\fun\src\funTry.py", line 4

    print needleInAHayStack []


SyntaxError: invalid syntax



IronPython tells me:


Unhandled Exception: 'int' object has no attribute '__getitem__'


(To be complete it first asks me wether I want to send MS an error report, I
choose "Don't send") 

I am especially bothered by the fact that neither a line number nor a file
name are mentioned.

The last two weeks I have repeatedly just sprinkeled numerous "print
<aUniqueNumber> " statements in my sourcecode, using binary search to pin
down the error...

And I can't use CPython for many of my modules since most of them heavily
relies on .NET.


By the way, I am aware that error reporting on a product < 1.0 may
understandably not yet be perfect.

Still I choose to use it because of its obvious potential.


Kind regards

Jacques de Hooge

info at geatec.com


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