[IronPython] IronPython and serializing object and a few questions

Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 5 18:44:31 CET 2005

Hello Mikołaj,

> Mikolaj Dawidowski Wrote:
> Hello all,
> 1. How to serialize IronPython objects?

IronPython doesn't yet come with all built-in modules. We keep adding few of these with each release, but marshal and support for pickle has not yet been implemented. Some of our customers were playing with the XML serialization which, sadly, won't do for the pure Python case.

> 2. I have .NET with WinFX from September 2005 CTP and 
> IronPython 0.9.3 works but 0.9.5 requries newer .NET.

Unfortunately, as I am just reading on the MSDN web, the WinFX is not yet available for the .NET 2.0 final release. As soon as .NET 2.0 was released, we switched IronPython over to the final build.

> So i guess this is telling me to update my .NET wright? :)

Not necessarily. Of course it is one possibility (but then you run the risk of not being able to run WinFX on the 2.0 latest build). What I'd propose you try first is build IronPython from the sources on your installation of .NET. The Beta 2 runtime and SDK are still available on Microsoft downloads:


> Do I have to uninstall whole WinFX SDK and after installing 
> new .NET install it again? And  the most important:

I am honestly not quite sure here. I would try to build IronPython on your setup where WinFX works. In my experience it is easier to get IronPytohn run on other builds of .NET than getting WinFX do the same.

> Will WinFX still working with that new .NET ?

In my experience, it didn't, but I only gave it a quick try. From what I read with the proper order of installations it actually should, but I wasn't able to get it working so I chose to wait for the CTP that will run on .NET 2.0 final release.

> 3. IronPython generates exec's from scripts. But when 
> executed they crash.
> Should they work? Maybe the should be ran differently...

They often do. The crash you may be seeing is .NET trying to find the IronPython assemblies. Try copying IronPython.dll and IronMath.dll into the same directory as your generated exe. I know it is far from perfect solution, but as we develop IronPython, we do not want to include the assemblies in the global assembly cache yet.

Hope this helps,

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