[IronPython] Next release question. [WAS: Re: Debugging]

Martin Maly Martin.Maly at microsoft.com
Thu Dec 8 01:35:19 CET 2005

The only public list that we have is the progress we are making on the Python regression tests (on channel9 wiki http://channel9.msdn.com/wiki/default.aspx/IronPython.RegressionTests)

As for the agenda, we still focus on getting more of the CPython regression tests running and fixing problems that impact our users most. For example the exception reporting is already fixed and will be out in the upcoming release.


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Martin Maly wrote:
> Jacques, thank you for more details about the issues you are having with
> IronPython,
> The reason you see the 'report an error to MS' dialog is our change in
> exception handling that I described earlier. We are going to fix it for
> the next release and display the exceptions coming from running scripts
> in a way that standard Python does.


any agenda for the next release? Is there a development list we can
follow to learn more about progress??

The correct reporting of exceptions is critical to us, as we use
IronPython as an embedded scripting engine.

thanks a lot,


> Once we fix that, we should get file and line information for the
> exceptions, and if not, we'll make sure to fix that too.
> As for the error below, it is a parser bug that will be easy to fix.
> Thanks again and I hope that next release of IronPython will work better
> for you.
> Martin
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