[IronPython] Problems with tutorials

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Mon Dec 12 10:50:51 CET 2005

Encountering a variety of problems with the agents tutorial:
a = AgentServerClass() -> should not have () ?
a.Load("Merlin.acs") -> throws bad args exception for the Load() method.
Doesn't change if I use C:\WINDOWS\msagent\chars\merlin.acs, which
exists on my machine.  Also doesn't work if I call
NB:  I'm using x64.
With the Avalon tutorial, I get "can't set arbitrary attributes on
built-in type System.Windows.Window" when I try w.Text = "My Avalon
Application".  Trying to retrieve w.Text gives no-such-attribute error.
w.Title does exist, however.
w.Content.TextContent should be w.Content.Text, I think.
w.Content.PersistentAnimations doesn't exist, and I don't see any likely
Keith J. Farmer // kfarmer at thuban.org

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