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Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Thu Dec 15 00:55:20 CET 2005

Actually, you should build all four projects under integration.  If you reset the experimental hive, you need to be patient, since it'll take a while.  Also, I was bit by a RTM bug -- sometimes you'll see just "project" or just "web site" in the start page's create/open part.  You need to use tools | import and export settings dialog to reset the settings -- I reset to general development.  Doing that clearned things up.


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If you build the IronPython project (something like C:\Program Files\Visual
Studio 2005
thonProject.sln) in VS 2005 (started from the experimental hive link in the
vsip menu) it automatically registers the IronPython Extension.

Just re-start VS 2005 (again using the experimental hive) and you will be
able to create a new IronPython project. That's as far as I have got.

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