[IronPython] IronPython IDE

Bob Arnson ironpython at bobs.org
Thu Dec 15 02:19:39 CET 2005

> If you build the IronPython project (something like 
> C:\Program Files\Visual
> Studio 2005
> SDK\2005.12\VisualStudioIntegration\Samples\IronPythonIntegrat
> ion\Project\Py
> thonProject.sln) in VS 2005 (started from the experimental 
> hive link in the
> vsip menu) it automatically registers the IronPython Extension.

You can build the projects under the "normal" Visual Studio hive (aka
"retail"). The projects register their packages under the experimental hive
for development/debugging purposes -- so you can wipe the experimental hive
and get back to a known-good state. 

Eventually, you'll be able to run an installer for just the IronPython
integration and not have to build from source.


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