[IronPython] New proposed exception model for IronPython

Dino Viehland dinov at exchange.microsoft.com
Fri Dec 16 00:40:48 CET 2005

It's an extremely interesting idea and one that I personally like.  Being the new guy I'll want to hear Jim and Martin's input too J.

Ultimately there's no reason why we couldn't either expose supplementary dictionaries that provide for user-defined exception translation or even to expose the dictionaries that we use internally (to allow modifying the systems defaults).  It also seems like it'd be a great way to keep the exception system highly dynamic and give the advanced Python developer more control of it.

I'll make sure to make a note of this to see if we can get it included.


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Would there be a way to map new exceptions between IP and the CLI?

For example, if I create a new Python exception, and want to bind it to System.ArgumentException, or convsersely if I create a new CLI exception that I want to map to a Python equivalent.  This would be an IronPython-ism, but a worthwhile one I think.

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