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I would not know any examples of using the DataGridView in Python.

But I did use many other view classes in  IronPython, since I've been
working on a GUI framework in IP.

What I used as doc was: .NET SDK 2.0 documentation and Python 2.4 Manuals.


For me that worked fine.

There's remarkably little difference between using them from C# and from IP,
even at dealing with event handlers, properties and .NET datastructures.


Since there probably aren't too many examples around yet, here's a fragment
of code to illustrate this:


-          Instantiate a TreeView

-          Add an event handler to its MouseUp event to show a
ContextMenuStrip that was built up by a widget creation function defined


from sys import *


from System.Windows import Forms


class .:                          

       def createWidget (self):


self.widget = Forms.TreeView ()   # Instantiate .NET class

self.widget.Dock = Forms.DockStyle.Fill  # Set properties, just like you
would in C#

self.widget.HideSelection = False # Same

self.widget.AllowDrop = True      # Same


if self.contextMenuView:

self.widget.ContextMenuStrip = self.contextMenuView.createWidget ()  # Get
populated context menu strip

              self.widget.MouseUp += lambda sender, event: event.Button !=
Forms.MouseButtons.Right or sender.ContextMenuStrip.Show (sender,
event.Location)      # Add event handler to show context menu at mouse up


.NET datastructures can usually be betraversed with Python iterators without
any special tricks:


       def bareWrite (self):

              expansionDictionary = {}

              self.fillExpansionDictionary (self.widget.Nodes, (),
expansionDictionary)  # Will traverse Nodes, see function def below

              self.widget.Nodes.Clear () # Call member, just like you would
in C#

              self.writeTree (self.treeNode.new, self.widget.Nodes, (),
expansionDictionary) # Pass Forms.TreeView.Nodes property as param, just
like in C#


       def fillExpansionDictionary (self, treeViewNodes, hashPath,

                 for treeViewNode in treeViewNodes:  # Treat treeViewNodes
as an ordinary Python iterable datastructure, even though it is a reference
to Forms.TreeView.Nodes, an instance of public class TreeNodeCollection:
IList, ICollection, IEnumerable


                     if self.transformer:

                           newHashPath = hashPath + (treeViewNode.Tag, )   #
Use .NET properties just as you would in C#


                           newHashPath = hashPath + (treeViewNode.Text,

                     expansionDictionary [newHashPath] =
treeViewNode.IsExpanded   # Yet another property

                     self.fillExpansionDictionary (treeViewNode.Nodes,
newHashPath, expansionDictionary)


Probably you just should start experimenting.

What helped me tremendously  is the fact that IP is interpreted, rather than

I can experiment in seconds, even from the command line, although I prefer
assembling small code fragments in an editor to try out stuff.


Currently I am using IP 0.9.5 as interpreter, running IP 0.9.6 beforehand as
a syntax checker, since that version has improved error reporting but some
run time issues.

(for wich a fix is already on this mailing list (thanks Dino) but I haven't
yet found the time to try this out)


Hope this helps

Jacques de Hooge

info at geatec.com









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