[IronPython] Installing IP with the new CTP

Iain Mackay imm at iain-mackay.org
Thu Dec 29 20:29:41 CET 2005

Thanks to Greg for pointing out my mis-Behavio(u)r. Those dyslexic moments
can be a big sap on productivity :)

Also, by more careful use of the message archive I see that some of my
problems had been addressed already; though the PersistentAnimations
roadblock remains so far as I can see.

I rebuilt IP using the [STAThread] attribute; and a study of avalon.py shows
how to get the tutorial code working:

from avalon import *

def UI ():
	w=Window ()
	w.Show ()
	w.Title = "Avalon app"
	w.Content = ScrollViewer ()
	w.Content.Content = TextBlock ()
	w.Content.Content.Text = "\n".join \
		(["%s:\t%s" % (k, v) for (k, v) in w.Content.__dict__.items
	w.Content.Content.FontSize = 10

	#a = DoubleAnimation(0.0, Duration(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3)))
	#a.RepeatBehavior = RepeatBehavior.Forever
	#w.Content.Content.PersistentAnimations[Shape.OpacityProperty]  = a

CallBack (UI)

I displayed the dictionary of the ScrollViewer hoping to get some clue to
the replacement for PersistentAnimations in the new CTP. I can't find any
reference to this change in the MS documentation - does anyone know about it
I wonder?

One thing I observe that is presumably nothing to do with IronPython is how
slow the scrolling of the text window is on what I thought was a fast PC
with lots of memory and a nice video card.

Anyway - I can now get WPF examples working - and maybe move onwards to tbe
brave new world of 3D!

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