[IronPython] 1.0 Beta 1 is out now!

jeff sacksteder jsacksteder at gmail.com
Sat Dec 31 06:00:02 CET 2005

> MSI packaging has been very low on our list since my impression is that
> most IronPython users are happier with the zip file style of installation
> where you can know exactly where everything came from and went.  If there's
> interest in an MSI installer we can prioritize it higher.  We expect to
> split the release into an MSI binary installer and a source zip package as
> the two downloads sometime between now and 1.0 release candidate 1 but our
> current plans are for sometime very close to rc1.

My 'user story' is perhaps different than the typical internal MS developer.
Let me explain my expectations as an end-user. Please understand, I'm not
complaining. I would hate to provoke a 'heated discussion' and keep you guys
from coding.

If I were to download a shiny, 1.0 release, I would expect:

1. To be able to do a start->run->ironpythonconsole and start the
2. Be able to remove all traces of the application with Add/Remove programs
3. Optionally associate .py files with IronPython at install, so I can run
them by double-clicking in the shell

The joy of IronPython lies in not having to learn vb.net or C#. Please don't
make learn them before I can be a productive programmer. It would be great
if you could get documentation into the standard dotnet sdk, but if that's
not possible, make it as easy as possible to compare the two.

Include simple example code for the most common projects- Common dialogs,
data-bound controls, etc. The WxWidgets project has a great gallery of

To win me as a user, your 'competition' is WxPython and py2exe, not VS2005
and VB.Net. I suspect that the VB guys won't adopt IronPython in great
numbers. I think that a year from now , most IronPython users will be
refugees from other communities, developing on MS platforms for the first
time. The VB crowd worships at the Temple of Visual Studio. For them,
different code on the back end is a marginal improvement. IronPython is a
HUGE win for progammers that actually write code. Using their fingers. With
a keyboard. It allows 'Joe Notepad' to compete on a level playing field with
'Captain Corporate IDE'. I think that's where the real uptake will happen.

Anyway, regarding MSI, I like the WiX toolkit quite a bit. I could whip up a
package definition if your submission policy allows me to contribute.
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