[IronPython] IronPython status

Andy Somogyi andy_somogyi at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 22 21:06:11 CET 2005

I think the first thing that would be very helpfull is a python conformance
test suite. Basically a set of Python scripts that tests every portion of 
language and can verify that IronPython is (not at the moment, but soon)
100% compatilble with the oficial Python interpreter.

I have a public CVS repository set up with the initial import of the 
sources so we can track future changes. This is at my sourceforge project,
so this includes bug and issue reporting and tracking.

> > But really my point here is that sticking close to the
> > original language is
> > a good idea.  The primary key to IronPython success exists in
> > finishing what
> > has been started...

I fully agree, IronPython is off to a very good start, and appears to
have a fairly decent following.

Has anyone heard anything from Jim? I tried to contact him at
microsoft (I have a great deal of intrest in the position he posted
on his blog) and I have not heard anything back.

Brian, IExpando is pretty well documented, at least in VS2003 it is.
Basically, it is a replacement for IDispatch which is the core of VB,
JScript (classic), and any previous MS scripting technology. I have
tons of experience with IDispatch (a while back, I even wrote a
complete Scheme interpreter where all objects were based on

Basically, IExpando is an interface where you can add properties
and methods to an object. Most .net objects do not implement
IExpando, they all however implement IReflect (via the Type object).

IReflect allows you to call and invoke properties and methods whereas
IExpando allows you to add properties and methods.

The only object that I am aware of that implement IExpando are the
objects returned from and used inside JScript and VBScript .net. Also,
whenever you import a classic COM object, it will show up as an
IExpando object.

> > The beauty of Python is its built-in constructs and types.
> > To be able to
> > use lists, tuples and dictionaries... to be able to iterate over them
> > without having to know ahead of time the object type... and
> > then to wield
> > that power against a nice set of libraries in .NET
> > (especially for the UI)
> > is a powerful combination.
> >

>Agreed - it would be helpful, I think, for those who are
>interested to come up with a prioritized list of what needs
>to be done to 'finish'. There appears to be some desire and
>momentum from people willing to contribute, so we should
>take advantage of that and reconcile things when Jim re-surfaces ;)
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