[IronPython] Re: users-ironpython.com Digest, Vol 7, Issue 5

Randall Burns randall_burns at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 22:17:17 CET 2005

This would be _really_ nice if it could be made _very_

-From: Chema Cortes <py at ls-l.org>
>Luis M. Gonzalez wrote:

>> In my oppinion, both (Ironpyhon and Boo) are 
>> excellent additions to my
>>However, I see it as a replacement of C#, not as a
>>replacement of 

>I think so. Boo can be to IronPython like pyrex is to
>python, an easy way to write extensions for a python
>programmer. And viceversa, 
>IronPython can be an excelent scripting language for 
> Boo.

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