[IronPython] Making A Windows Form App

Hank Fay hank at prosysplus.com
Thu Jul 7 03:46:13 CEST 2005

I wonder if the answer can lie in the IDE, sort of an intellisense on
steroids.  Issue a call to form() and the IDE looks to see if the assemblies
that make form() possible are loaded.  If not, a list of those (MRU) that
can fulfill this are presented in intellisense selector fashion, and the
import statements, in what ever fashion, are created. 

Speaking of which, having a pythonable IDE, instead of the convoluted hoops
currently having to be stumbled through, would be a great improvement.  If
it were as easy to extend as VFP's IDE (Ken Levy on the VS Data team wrote
the Builder system for VFP, btw), I'll bet a lot of programmers would start
using it to make the IDE do what they want.  From which it would be a short
step to the promised land. <s>

Hank Fay  

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We clearly need a better design than the current sys.LoadAssembly* methods.
For one thing, we shouldn't really be adding these to the existing sys
module but putting new methods like this in a new IronPython module.  As you
point out, we should also do a better job of making this as invisible to the
user as possible.


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