[IronPython] Plans for overloads?

Jonathan Jacobs korpse-ironpython at kaydash.za.net
Wed Jul 20 18:44:42 CEST 2005

Keith J. Farmer wrote:
> I didn't see a second set of square brackets.  Also, what if what you
> have is an indexer, in which case the parameter is supplied also with
> square brackets?

Then you have a lot of square brackets? ;-)

> Of course it's not very pretty.  Do you have a suggestion that addresses
> my concern?

Well, what I meant was that you'd first determine your generic type, 
then you'd determine which overload, i.e.:

result = MyGenericFunction[int][int, str](1, "hi")

or if it makes it more clear:

func = MyGenericFunction[int]
result = func[int, str](1, "hi")

Of course, I'm just guessing.


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