[IronPython] Pondering Monad/MSH and IronPython

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On the other hand, it's useful to avoid context switches to get things done. For example, we recently tossed NAnt out of our build/deploy environment and replaced it with Ruby+Rake. In NAnt, the context switch from "scripting a task" to "writing a task" was really severe - you had to pull out your compiler to get something done. In Ruby+Rake, we now seemlessly migrate back and forth between sending commands to the shell, to writing abstractions to do certain things (like config our NLBS cluster) to writing descriptions like "this target depends on these three other targets".
I haven't had a chance to look at the MSH language yet - apparently something is keeping my betaplace application from being accepted (or my spam filter is eating the reply - not sure :)) but for those who have seen it, can python or ruby-isms produce more or less the syntax?


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I think it has to do with syntax, and the DSL tools push.  MSH in particular is geared toward one-liner pipelines, whereas Python is a little heavy-weight in that regard.  MSH is also intended to be somewhat familiar to those from the *sh world.


Remember one of the selling points of .NET was that people could use the language they want for the task.  In particular, that means that people can use the most appropriate language for the task.  MS is pushing domain-specific language tools, and MSH can be seen as that - its language consists of drives, folders, files, and how to process and present lists and streams thereof in a one-line syntax.  Python, on the other hand, strikes me as much more suited for general applications work.  If it were a matter of reducing languages, I'd expect MS to just push the existing .NET implementations of VBS and JS, and possibly purchase the rights to one of the C# script engines.


Just my observations...



Keith J. Farmer

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So, the question is, Why have both? If MSH is focused at introspective system programming scenarios, then why not just use IronPython?

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