[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Terry L. Triplett terry at triplett.org
Thu Mar 24 07:45:19 CET 2005

On Wednesday 23 March 2005 21:44, Jim Hugunin wrote:

Congratulations, and thanks.  This is a happy day.

> Here's what might be an easier url for folks.
> http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/ironpython

Is this IronPython's new home, or will ironpython.com still be maintained in 
some way?

I also noticed the license change from the CPL to the Shared Source license 
(which doesn't seem all that bad from a brief reading, but IANAL).  Some 
discussion of this change beyond what was mentioned in the FAQ might be 
helpful in clarifying any wider implications this might have.  (I apologize 
in advance for risking a licensing flamewar by bringing this up).  I'd like 
to see IronPython continue to be distributable everywhere that CPython might 
be found that also happens to have a compliant CLR implementation.  I'm 
thinking of *cough* Mono and *cough* Linux.  Someday I'd like to able to 
issue an "emerge ironpython" or "apt-get ironpython" or "rpm -i ironpython" 
without invoking the wrath of the Redmond Gods or starting a Gnu stampede.  
There, I said it.


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