[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Jim Hugunin jimhug at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 28 18:35:35 CEST 2005

Ian MacLean wrote:
> Paolo Molaro wrote:
> >On 03/24/05 Jim Hugunin wrote:
> >>IronPython is going to be run as a very transparent and interactive
> >>project.  I expect to have lots of active discussions with our user
> >I suggest you use this mailing list as the primary communication
> >(besides being very slow, the gotdotnet forum requires .NET
> >
> >>process online.  In our first day of release we've already had 6
> >>filed in the bug database and 5 of them are now marked fixed.  To
> >It's unfortunate the bug tracker requires .NET passport (even to only
> >view the filed bugreports).
> >
> +1 on both of these. No offence but gotdotnet is a fairly crappy
> collaborative dev environment. Mailing lists have the advantage of
> a push medium - ie we don't have to go and check the forum every time
> somthing is updated.

I'm in complete agreement that we've got work to do on the IronPython
community site.  This feedback is great.

I've had my first experiences using the forums this last week, and I'm
not particularly excited about them either.  One thing that we're
investigating is NNTP access to the gotdotnet forums.  If we can get
this setup I hope that people will give that a try and see how that
works for them.  We're going to keep looking at those kinds of options
to make the gotdotnet site work better for people.  However, so long as
you find this mailing list to be the best way to discuss IronPython then
it won't be going away.

I agree that the bug database could also use some improvement, but it
would be great if we could figure out how to make the current version
work for people today.  Some people will see needing a .NET passport as
a hurdle to filing bug reports and any hurdles we add here are a
mistake.  Nevertheless, have you tried to get a .NET passport?  It's a
fairly simple process and it should work on any OS.  While this is a
little cumbersome, I don't think that it's much different from most bug
trackers that will require a valid email address before accepting bug
reports.  Do you have a technical reason that you don't want to/can't
get a passport to file bugs?

Thanks - Jim

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