[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Sriram Krishnan sriramk at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 02:49:16 CEST 2005

>Passport is considered some great evil.  It doesn't really matter if there
is a technical reason or not, that is the 
>way it is perceived.  It doesn't matter how good the site is, its not going
to get used if Passport is required.

This makes me wonder - has anyone here tried signing up for Passport? It is
a 2 minute process and not too dissimilar to the other login schemed on
other websites. Signing up for a Passport account is not too different
(process-wise) from signing up for a Sourceforge account. 

I understand that there is this perception of Passport being evil -but
people should actually try it out before making up their minds,IMHO.

If you're tried it out and you don't like it, I would like to hear why.
What's the difference between signing up for a Passport to file bugs and
signing up in the Mozilla bugzilla to file bugs?


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