[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Jonathan LaCour jonathan-lists at cleverdevil.org
Tue Mar 29 03:29:48 CEST 2005

> This makes me wonder - has anyone here tried signing up for Passport? 
> It is
> a 2 minute process and not too dissimilar to the other login schemed on
> other websites. Signing up for a Passport account is not too different
> (process-wise) from signing up for a Sourceforge account.

You are saying nothing that most of us already know.  As I stated -- it 
doesn't matter about reality.  The only thing that matters here is 
perception.  I know thats a hard sell.

> I understand that there is this perception of Passport being evil -but
> people should actually try it out before making up their minds,IMHO.

Lofty goal.  Won't change the world though.

> If you're tried it out and you don't like it, I would like to hear why.
> What's the difference between signing up for a Passport to file bugs 
> and
> signing up in the Mozilla bugzilla to file bugs?

Other people have already outlined their reasoning on this list.  Those 
reasons sound pretty logical to me, and I am not about to argue with 
their _perception_.  And, you logic flips on its end as well... if 
there is no difference in filing bugs in bugzilla vs. gotdotnet, and so 
many people seem to dislike gotdotnet, why not just use bugzilla (or 
something else...)?

   -- Jonathan

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